Dear Public figures.

wp-image-1540209922You are famous people whose lives and behaviors are the focus of intense public interest and scrutiny. We go through your profiles on social media and others time and again hoping to read and see stuffs that will affect us positively.

Tagging yourself a “public figure” is a nice idea but do you realise that great impact you make on most lives  positively and negatively with the tag? You mentor most of us .we want to be like you in future! Help us positively through the things you post on social media and other sites.

Rate yourself! Be consistent if you are not. Deliver positive reinforcements if you don’t. I am just imagining how broad that smile will look like on my face, seeing changes on your pages. A change that inspires. A change that encourages. A change that empowers us to go higher and higher. You play important roles in our lives and we look up to you!

I am 10 by age and EDUDZI by name  throwing this challenge to all public figures across the globe.

I am a change agent



8 mind frames of a  GREAT TEACHER

1. My fundamental task is to evaluate the effects of my teaching on student’s learning achievement.

2.I want to talk more about learning than teaching.

3. The success and failure of my student’s learning is about what I do or don’t do .

4. I teach through dialogue not monologue.

5. Assessment is about my impact.

6.I enjoy the challenge and never retreat to “doing my best”.

7.It’s my role to develop positive relationships in class and staff rooms.

8. I inform all about the language of learning.


Who is an intelligent child?

That child who reads alot.that child  who chooses cartoons over the telenovelas and other stuffs on television…that child who asks soo many questions..that “inquisitive” child.

But what’s up in Ghana??..we kill the zeal in them…we condemn such children….we call them all sorts of derogatory names..


All in the name of some “unnecessary stuffs”we pay much attention to.We sit back at home as parents and blame sacrificial teachers….What do we expect of the children in future???

Let us parents of today (this Ghana) Encourage and Assist the children in doing their home tasks and projects.

Let us also try to inculcate the habit of reading and exploring in our children…..For they are our future!